Hi Samuel,

Thank you for that info... do you know what would be the largest number i could use there? I curreently have 20,000,000 but the first user uploaded a 32.8MB file and of course was unreadable when downloaded.

I just want to use the biggest number I could without breaking things.


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16K is just the default value for LOB/Binary long columns for the DF driver.

This is to avoid allocating too much memory for the global buffers. But you can just increase it , if you want, by specifying the value in the .int file for the desired column .

Using newer DF version, you dont even need to increase string argument_size anymore. you can use the uchar array to retrieve the binary information.

in .int file :

FIELD_LENGTH 5000000      // 5 Mbi  (the size you have defined in the database)