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Thread: Temporal tables in MS SQL

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    Default Temporal tables in MS SQL

    Edit: this issue is a non issue because the error described occurs because it should. Not because of some issue with temporal tables.

    Has anyone run into this?

    Imagine that you have converted weborder to MSSQL and let the IT department put it into production.

    They decide (on their own) to add temporality to the order table. Fine, they do that and they can now track all changes made to the table data.

    However, when they try to delete a customer the DD errors with "can't delete. child records exists". Even when all orders have been deleted.

    I have not investigated this yet (it's at a customers) but I suspect that temporality makes DF believe that child records exists if once they did exist (or something like that).

    Has anybody expirienced something in this area?

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