Hi everyone

I would like to open a second connection to the database.
How can I do that?

This is aproximately what we want to achieve:
- Make a complicated query (which we don't want to put in SQL filters)
- Fetch Row after row
- Store data into another table

Our Problem: We can't store the data, since we have a ResultSet currently open and we don't want to store it into a array, etc.
It would be nice to open a second connection, but the ConnectionManager seems to prevent that. How do we manually open a second connection?

                        Handle hoSQLMngr
                        Handle hdbc hstmt
                        Integer iFetchResult
                        Object oSQLHandler is a cSQLHandleManager
                            Move Self to hoSQLMngr
                        Open SomeTable
                        Get SQLConnect of hoSQLMngr "" "" to hdbc
                        Get SQLOpen of hdbc to hstmt
                        // 2.Handle für Maillist?
                        Send SQLExecDirect of hstmt ("select * from SomeTable WHERE SomeReallyComplicatedConditions ")

                            Get SQLFetch of hstmt to iFetchResult
                            If (iFetchResult <> 0) Begin 
                                Send SQLBindFile of hstmt SomeTable.File_number
                                    Set File_Field_Changed_Value of oAnotherTable_DD File_Field AnotherTable.SomeID to SomeTable.SomeID
                                    Set File_Field_Changed_Value of oAnotherTable_DD File_Field AnotherTable.AField to SomeTable.AField
                                    Send Request_Save of oAnotherTable_DD      // Problem occurs here: We have an open ResultSet and cannot execute other queries on the same connection
                        Until (iFetchResult = 0)
                        Send SQLClose of hstmt      // Close the statement handle
                        Send SQLDisconnect of hdbc  // Connectivity Kit's disconnect