This is just to ask the question really, nothing pressing

We have our own C dll for doing a few things we cannot do in DF

As DF has improved over the years there has been less and less need for it and now that the BrowseForFolder has been improved to handle the callback message from windows there really is only one thing left in it

Below is some C code that manipulates the floating point control word.

We need do this due to a bug in another third party component that they say they won't fix

I have created a 64 bit version of our DLL and it is working fine

It's just that if we could do this with the floating point word within DF then there would be one less external dependency, all be it one we have written

extern "C" unsigned int FPCWValue()
    unsigned int iCurrentValue;
    _controlfp_s(&iCurrentValue, 0, 0);
    return iCurrentValue;

extern "C"  unsigned int FPCWReset()
    return 0;