Hi All,

I have a legacy Visual Dataflex app that is in multiple sites written in VDF 7 that has nearly run out of puff with Crystal reports and I have been asked to find an alternative print engine that we can develop in and continue to use as we convert the VDF7 application to WebApp. Our documents consist of contracts, invoices, packing lists, etc. What ever we choose needs to be easy to deploy to the multiple sites and easy to set up on a web server for use with our WebApp.
I looked at VPE but would have to purchase on older version (v3.6) and then upgrade to the latest version for the WebApp which Ideal Software have quoted me on and is costly. List&Label seems to fit our requirements of exporting to multiple formats (including PDF), a visual designer, reasonable price and royalty free distribution. Plus I see Dataflex developers have been using it for many years with great success.

Is anyone still using List&Label with VDF7 on Win10 or have any suggestions on the best way to use it in this situation (DF Classes, L&L versions that work with older classes, etc)?