I am trying to learn how to create an ActiveX Control, specifically a button to use in DF. I have the button created and responding to the OnClick event. I need an answer for several problems:

1) How do I get the button to respond to setting the colors and caption in the OnCreate procedure? It does nothing now when for example "Set ComCaption to ..." or "Set ComBackColor To ...".

This is what I have in the OnDraw Procedure for using to set the properties in the OnCreate Procedure in DF:


    CBrush bkBrush(TranslateColor(GetBackColor()));  // This works:  "CBrush bkBrush(RGB(128, 255, 212));"
    pdc->FillRect(rcBounds, &bkBrush);
    pdc-> ? for Caption, what should go here?

3) I have the ActiveX property sheet displaying in the Studio ("Colors", "Pictures", and "Fonts" tab pages) but changing the colors has no affect. Also, how can I get the "Caption" to show in the property sheet for editing?