As I continue to migrate my programs into 19.1 and make changes to remove all compiler warnings, I often need to refer to the syntax of an obsolete command to make sure that I make the correct changes to the new function.

For example, I am looking at some old code in a package from around 2005 and it has the line:

Mid sTip 1 iLnToGet to tmpChr
Now I am pretty sure that the correct alteration is
Move (mid(sTip,1,iLnToGet)) to tmpChr
But started wondering if the 2nd and 3rd parameters could have been reversed in the old command. Since it has probably been at least 10 years since I used the old Mid command myself, I really couldn't remember. This lead to me wanting to look at the documentation on the obsolete Mid command to make sure that I was making the modification correctly and there are no references to the syntax of the obsolete command in the 19.1 help.

It got me thinking that it would be better to keep the documentation of replaced and obsolete commands etc in the current documentation for reference.... just mark it as Obsolete. I know that this has been done for some commands (because I have seen it), but it seems that these may have been removed in 19.1 docs