Wonder if DAW is looking at SignalR or similar tech at all for possible future versions of WebApp

We have been using Blazor in some projects and Blazor is in a number of ways of similar design to WebApp.
Attempt to keep the developer in their language (DF in WebApp, C# in blazor).

For DF all the DF code is server side. In Blazor you have a choice of server or client side C#

Both allow the use of JavaScript but try to shield you from it

Major difference is the client/server communication. In WebApp its HTTP which is a request/response model and uses HTTP protocol.
It is stateless (the communication only lasts one roundtrip) and is initiated by the client allowing one way communication and response.

Blazor uses SignalR as its form of communication between client and server. SignalR is essentially a websocket connection with a bunch of libraries to handle all the socket and protocol management
It is a persistent connection that allow state and bi-directional communication. Client App actually has a constant connection to the server.