With a new project we tried building a class, that had a RichEdit in it, together with a toolbar with all the font/alignment/... options in it.

The class worked in 19.1 and 20, but in 20 an oddity came up with the RichEdit.
When saved in a file with the "Write" procedure of the RichEdit or when we try to get the RTF text of the RichEdit, we get a text that starts with "{\urtf1\ansi...." instead of the usual "{\rtf...". My guess is, that it got something to do with the switch over to unicode.

I would be fine with it, if the RTF that we get or the RTF file that gets saved would be usable RTF, but if I try to open such a RTF file, I don't get my formated text in Wordpad or Word, but instead the raw RTF text.

Anybody got any ideas, how to get usable RTF out of the RichEdit in DF2021?