Just got started with the Graphics Library... What a great resource. Thank you Thank you thank you.

I'm a bit curious about two things

1. in a cImageContainer, I have peImageStyle set to ifFitOneSide. Then I set the psImage and it works great. Almost too great and I don't understand why. Here is the issue I have a collection of pictures. When I look at those pictures in anything else beit Windows Explorer, Corel Photoshop or anything else, some of the pictures are rotated and appear to be on their side. And yet in every case whenever I load that picture into a cImageContainer it ALWAYS displays it correctly rotated for viewing. I then turned off peImageStyle and it style somehow magically transforms the image to a correctly rotated rendering. I don't understand how that is happening.

2. I noticed wwhen peImageStyle is not set and pbShowScrollbars is set to True, the horizontal scroll bar shows but does not work.... only the vertical scrollbar is functional.