Just trying to learn a new skill. I would like to learn how to create a com automation (Dynamic DLL) and static dll that can be called from Dataflex. I have no experience in this area (C++ or dlls). I have downloaded Visual Studio 2019 and have worked through some basic examples from the internet on creating dlls. I have been working with the example in the Dataflex Reports for ELFs and have that working (with a minor problem posted in Reports). Does anyone have a sample of a simple com automation that they could send that I could look at in the Visual Studio and documentation that may help me understand all the settings and components that are needed? How about examples on the internet? However, I would need to know how to apply it to Dataflex.

Also, should the ELFs (statically linked dlls) created for Dataflex Reports be able to be used in Dataflex with "External_Function"? When I tried it an error is generated indicating that there is "an invalid number of parameters".

Thanks for any help you can provide. Always trying to improve my knowledge.