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    Exclamation DataFlex 2021 Released – get it now!

    With great excitement, we announce the release the DataFlex 2021!

    DataFlex 2021 is the beginning of a new era for DataFlex! Even though the main goal is to allow your applications to take advantage of both 64-bit and full Unicode support, there are revolutionary additions and improvements in all areas of the product.

    Check out What’s New in DataFlex for a quick tour of the product highlights and then start your own DataFlex 2021 journey:

    • Download DataFlex 2021
      • The complete set of installers (Studio, Server and Client) are available, and each will install using an extendable, 60-day evaluation license

    • Read the “What’s New in DataFlex 2021" section of the documentation which includes...
      • Step-by-step instructions on everything from initial experimentation through application migration
      • Deep technical detail on Unicode, 64-bit and the rest of DataFlex 2021

    And don't forget to join us for the DataFlex Launch Event 2021!

    Best regards,
    Your Development Team

    DataFlex 2021 Release Notes


    • Switched to a new EV code signing certificate (shows Publisher as Data Access Worldwide (Data Access Corporation)
    • Updated evaluation licenses installed
    • Updated to final Software License Agreement
    • Updated to final Installation and Environment Guide

    Web Framework

    • Fixed - Changing the label position on cWebForm and cWebEdit controls does not update in the designer. A WebSet of peLabelPosition also does not work.
    • Fixed - WebAccordionContainer JavaScript error
    • Implemented an extra security check on the RequestDeleteCallback and RequestSaveCallback methods using boolean server web properties. This makes sure that the operation is only processed in case the confirmation message that uses it is actually shown on the screen.
    • Fixed - Web method not allowed error with hidden cWebGrid
    • Improved version check in cWebAppDispatcher
    • Fixed - The floating panel shows transparent with both the Flat_Desktop and Flat_Touch unless an explicit background color is set


    • Fixed - Use W version of TextMetric struct in function PointSizeToPhysicalFontSize (old implementation could result in un-handled exceptions)

    Web Application Administrator

    • Fixed - When setting an application using process pooling to reload at 00:00:00 caused it to be stored as 'Do not automatically reload the process pool'.
    • Fixed - SPLF WebAppServer didn't stop processes when node is stopped


    • Fixed - Table Editor didn't show multi-column relationships properly
    • Fixed - Variant array incorrect in debugger when debugging 32bit
    • Fixed - White text on white background in Arrange Objectspanel


    • Fixed - Creating primary key in PostgreSQL generated restructure errors


    What's New

    Significant changes throughout, including:

    Development Guide

    Significant changes throughout, including:

    Language Reference

    Class Reference

    See Also

    What's New in DataFlex 2021
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