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    Default Strange problem on AWS

    I'm not sure if anyone can answer this but I'm going to post the question and see if it sounds familiar.

    DF 19.1 on AWS, running Postgres & Mertech. I'm not sure if any other parameters I should be mentioning.

    We've been setting up and testing an application on AWS for a couple of months and up until a couple of weeks ago all was working as expected. I made a new change to the application that the customer requested and now we have a problem. For many years the application has had all comboforms set to Entry_State = False and this never caused any problems for the users because they've been running on Windows 7 workstations and the appearance of the comboforms was non-shadowed. In other words on a W-7 box the comboform looked like a normal control when entry_state was set to false.

    When we went to AWS the comboforms adopted a shadowed appearance because that's apparently what they do when running DF on W-10. Given that I set entry_state = true and attempted to find a solution to keep the users from entering anything in them. Another thread in the forum addressed this and it does work nicely. But then we noticed two of over 20 reports were causing an error when exiting the application - no errors were seen during usage. And, we are only seeing this on AWS, it doesn't occur on any other server that we've tried.

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    I've attempted to chase this down which is difficult because at this point I don't have direct access for uploading anything to AWS, I have to work through our systems guy. What I've discovered is that for only 2 reports, the entry_state property setting seems to be causing this. I've removed the custom code I mentioned above and if I set entry_state of all 13 comboforms used in the report to entry_state = true I get the above error. Change them to False and no error.

    The next step is to try and narrow this down to a single control if possible but that's going to take a while. In the mean time I thought that I'd tell the story in hopes that maybe someone has seen something like this before. The second question is how to track this down other than trial and error? No Studio on AWS at the moment.
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