Hi All,

I have spent the last few days attempting to solve this , and it's been frustrating the hell out of me ..

I have a DF19.1 scanning WebApp ..

The scanning all works fine , when a user clicks on a particular row within the list I popup a modaldialog which allows them to edit a Qty field . The Qty field is the only cWebform on the dialog . When working in desktop mode the field is selected as expected, but when working in mobile the field is not.

Using the developer tools under chrome whilst emulating a mobile device I need to hit the tab key a couple of times for the field to take the focus. The client requires the field to be auto selected ( Select entire field contents ) .

In order to select the field automatically whilst using a mobile device I have had to script some Javascript .. although I am still experiencing the following issues..

1) When running in Mobile mode the field does not take the focus at all. If the user taps on the field then it does select the entire field.
2) If I set pbHtml5NumberOnMobile to true ( Which ideally I would like to have set so only the numeric keypad pops up ) then the selection is broken completely. You can still edit the contents but the user has to play around with backspace / delete etc

Any ideas to make this work ?

      function selectAll(e) {
	           var elem = e.target;
	           var start = 0;
	           var end = elem.value.length;
	           if (elem.createTextRange) {
	             var selRange = elem.createTextRange();
	             selRange.moveStart('character', start);
	             selRange.moveEnd('character', end);
	           } else if (elem.setSelectionRange) {
	             elem.setSelectionRange(start, end);
	           } else if (typeof elem.selectionStart != 'undefined') {
	             elem.selectionStart = start;
	             elem.selectionEnd = end;
       function autoselecttext() {
                var x = document.getElementById("myQty");
                    x.style.WebkitUserSelect = "all";
                    x.style.msUserSelect = "all";
                    x.style.userSelect = "all";
                    x.onclick = selectAll;
The cWebform is below ..

           Object oACESCAN_QTY is a cWebForm
                  Entry_Item ACESCAN.KEYED_QTY
                  Set piColumnSpan to 4
                  Set psLabel to "QTY"
                  Set peLabelPosition to lpTop
                  Set piColumnIndex to 4
                  Set piLabelOffset to 20
                  Set peAlign to alignCenter
                  Set peLabelAlign to alignCenter
                  Set piPrecision to 0
                  Set psHtmlId to "myQty"
                  Set psClientOnFocus to "autoselecttext"
                  Set pbHtml5NumberOnMobile to False // Setting to True breaks the autoselecttext text selection
                  Set peDataType to typeNumber