Windows 10 - DF 2021 Windows 32bit option.
The point of this post is to say how well the 32 bit RC1 conversion went.
Well done and thanks to DAW, Sture and the SigCJ group.

1. Uninstall B3, reboot and install RC1. Perfect.
2. Uninstall all prior 2021 code so it was essentially a 19.1 to 2021 upgrade.
3. Install DFReports 8.0 latest beta. Perfect
4. Copy all 19.1 Libraries and convert to 20.0. Perfect except for errors in b. which were nothing to do with RC1.
a. Downloaded latest sigcj library to use Sigcj Codejock 18.3.0 library.
b. Substituted StureapsPublic lib with Staples20 Library. Fixed about 4 compile errors. (all errors were trivial and obvious and nothing to do with RC1)
5. Compile 32 bit source. Only issue was DR WinAPI_ShellExecute not now in product so used runprogram instead (the former was redundant when runprogram can do the job). No other changes required.
6. Run 32 Bit exe for a whole day live. Perfect.
7. Looked at conversion notes as a final step.

Will try 64 bit windows changes & compile next week before i attempt web changes and testing for RC1.