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Thread: End-of-Life for DF4WP

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    Default End-of-Life for DF4WP

    DataFlex 4 WordPress has run its course and reached end-of-life. While “DF4WP” functions OK and can continue to do so on the DataFlex, WordPress and operating system platforms on which it has been deployed, no updates or enhancements will be made to the plugins beyond the current version which is based on DataFlex 18.2. DF4WP users should plan migrations to alternative platforms to avoid encountering unexpected issues in the future when some combination of changes in WordPress, other plugins, security, operating systems and DataFlex render active DF4WP websites inoperable.

    This decision was being contemplated when Jesmond posted his inquiry on February 5th. We informed him in advance of the change which he graciously accepted.
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