One customer has changed from Windows terminal server 2008 to Windows terminal server 2016. The C: drive is common for all users and there they have a map for storing settings and temporary VPE files. The vpe .prs files are stored in that map and common for all users. That is how they want it to be and it worked before under WTS 2008.

Now they can make the desired printer settings on one workplace and they are still maintained after re-starting the system. However, if they print from another workplace, printer settings are wrong there (default windows printer instead of the chosen one on the first workplace, etz). If printers are change on this second computer, then the settings on the first one are lost.

What can the reason be for this behavior? Is there a solution? I suppose it would work to use a separate map for vpe-files for each user, but that would mean a lot of programming work.