I have a title TextBox, using different font sizes, bold, and trying to center it on screen.... Thought it would be easier..

    Object oTextBox1 is a TextBox
        Set Auto_Size_State to False
        Set Size to 19 724
        Set Location to 5 4
        Set Label to "Uso da função JSON_ARRAY"
        Set Justification_Mode to JMode_Center
        Set peAnchors to anTopLeftRight
        Set TextColor to clGrayText
        Set FontPointHeight to 18
        Set FontUnderline to True
On Design time inside Studio, it seems all ok... but when the program is running and the view is opened...

Click image for larger version. 

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Auto_size_state is false, becuase the size calculations are not good using this fontsize. The text get clipped if I set autosize to true.

The label get "Fixed" if I resize the view..