It's a studio issue really, but I'd like to add a new TPL file for a WebApp that's highly-customised for our use, so with plenty of the DAW code relaced by ours, and most of the packages substituted for ours, too. I don't want to mod the original file which is still required for one-off jobs and will no doubt be blown away by Beta 4, Gamma 1 or whatever.

I came to this conclusion while trying to document how I got from the DAW default webapp.src to the one I am using. I anticipate that the other two developers will take on parts of our next point of sale and my modified WebApp.src would provide the framework.

Is this possible? I created a copy tpl with a few changes and placed it in PKG\Config but it doesn't render in the 'create new' dialogs. Is there an index that has to be rebuilt?