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To be clear - the CM runtime does not have a connectivity enabled license capability, so the license to use the drivers you have "through" the Windows version is not respected. This is why we offer Windows licenses in two configurations...

  • Connectivity Enabled - only checks the DataFlex registration and allows all drivers
  • Bundled - the DataFlex registration only controls DataFlex and there are separate licenses for the driver you purchased.
    • This allows the separate driver license to be shared with CM
    • This is only licensed for one specific backend

The bundled form was the only form in the early years. The connectivity enabled form was designed to simplify the whole interaction between the host DataFlex environment and the drivers. But it is limited to the Windows products that were released after that happened.
Understood. As I say I'm really just seeing what options I have and that will guide the sequence of events.

I have this very morning reactivated the other guys on the CM to windows projects for all but Point of Sale, which is very much my baby. It's been my baby since I started here, and has changed as the company has changed, and looks very little like the Datamodes software I inherited.

So if only the 'holy grail' came with barcode reading, 4 varieties of customers, 16 different flavours of discounts, and a multiple-payments screen I'd be half-way there