As some of you might know, besides DataFlex I do spent quite a bit of my time with VMware products.

So much even that I have a couple of commercial products available for VMware users.
One is a backup product (vimalin) and another one is product that automates start and shutdown of selected virtual machines (vimarun).
So far so good.

Somewhere last year it seems that Microsoft has changed their Smartscreen and Defender logic to no longer accept standard codesign certificates on binaries downloaded from the internet. You'll get some nasty warnings both on download as well as on install.
If you read the text of the warning, then it turns out that it is a popularity contest...
"Windows protected your PC
Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk."

This is something that undoubtedly causes me to loose a lot of sales. A couple of weeks ago I had a user contact me about this issue and in a moment of frustration I submitted it to Hacker News Microsoft hurts sales of indie developers with "not commonly downloaded" error
To be honest I did not expect much from that. But I was wrong..

So as it turns out you can work around the "not commonly downloaded" error/warning by buying yourself an EV certificate and sign your software with that instead of with a normal code signing certificate. Getting that confirmed was great news, so you can buy yourself a better reputation (download points?) by spending more money.

The EV codesign certificate, is a bit more difficult to get and -ofcourse- about 3x more expensive as a normal codesign certificate. That's great.. as I bought a 3 year normal codesign certificate which MS says is now mostly useless.

Another way to get the warnings removed is to have enough people report a binary to Microsoft as "this file is OK"..

Long story short, this is where I need you.

I hope that some of the developers here reading this, those who are using Windows 10, would be willing to download my products using Microsoft Edge, report it as "this software is safe" and subsequently run my installer. You don't need to finish the install, canceling out of the opening screen of the installer is fine.

Here's the downloads:



Does this actually help you might wonder?
Seems it does...

Remember this post?
DAW used the same codesign certificate on beta3 and no problem there.