I'm trying to create a "sign up" kind of page, and I created a view, being a matched pair of .wo and .html. The application is using the drill down interface.

the html as, as it's important bits

HTML Code:
<!-- Initialization of the WebApp --><script>var oWebApp = new df.WebApp("WebServiceDispatcher.wso");
oWebApp.displayView("oCoupon", "#viewport");</script>
Which is an Idea I got from Dan Walsh (Thanks Dan!) My problem is that the webapp isn't initializing (at all? ) (in the right order?) (properly?)

If I open the webapp directly, and then navigate using the menu to the new page, it works all peachy. Opening the particular view from the HTML page, seems to spectacularly introduce the excrement to the rotating air movement device.

What do I have to call in the basic webapp to cause the rest of the system to render?