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Would love to share once it is ready.

currently seeing some really odd response to a deadlock and the test programs seems to confirm it but more detail is needed to verify.

i think this may be an issue that we had been fighting a few years ago and DAW was looking into it for a while but it was never resolved.

We created a band aid around it but it causes performance issues so we are revisiting this now

sadly DAW doesnt document what is supposed to happen so we are left to guessing (or maybe i missed something in the doc)

we are dealing with deadlocks and deadlock victims, lock timeouts and then what happens in all these cases in both manual db transactions and dd transactions

one thing we are fighting with are runtime internal transaction retries and the fact that in these cases some of the DD data is not properly saved. No errors but data missing
same here, when my project became more complex and with a lot more users, we start facing tomeouts and deadlocks, time to time it back to my sprint, so, i'm very interesting in any program that help us to deal with it, take your time Micheal, but when you are ready please share any result with us, and not less important if you need any kind of help let us know, if needed i can play as alpha/beta/gamma tester (: lead us to the glory