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Thread: invalid Column Exception when processing RDS table

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    Default invalid Column Exception when processing RDS table

    Happy New Year.

    Update: Thanks I have answered my own question, the reports wizard has created an integer field in the RDS table instead of the required Number field.
    Update 2: Found what I was looking for, Check Database in the Report Designer will let you alter the RDSTable, changing the Integer type to the required Number type solves my issue, though it would be nice to have this bug resolved.

    I am trying to track down why DFReports will sometimes throw an error when processing an RDSTable.
    The error describes an invalid column value and occurs when the report begins processing the filled RDSTable. The table is being populated without error, its only when the report engine begins to use the table.

    As an example I created a one record two column table from one of the failing sources, this table has the following columns.

    companyname ASCII 50
    phonenumber Number 14

    A failing row contains the following values, 'North Shore Timber and hardware',61294819966
    A passing row can be achieved by changing the number to 294819966, i.e. reduce its length

    61294819966 throws the error
    294819966 runs without issue

    The data being placed into the table for column 1 is a number, from observation it feels like the report is seeing it as an integer which would make it larger than the available size and throw the error, does anyone have an idea on this?

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