I ignore the COVID politics of fear promoted in what is known as NZ 1pm govt briefings which do irreparable harm to mental health in all age groups

Study Stockholm syndrome to avoid buy in the self interested parties. Also study how farmers deal with contagious abortion in sheep.

There is opportunity in any fluctuating market. Surround yourself with sensible folk with a positive attitude and live life to the fullest. Protect the vulnerable and let the others carry on enjoying life.

Look at the activity on flight radar, someone is lying. Every day NZ flies in between zero and eleven positive cases and magically two weeks later they are all cured. No deaths.

like any good parent would say. Question everything and don’t just accept other folks opinion without some factual basis

The glass is always half full not half empty.
onwards and upwards in 2021 there is so much to enjoy nd look forward to.

The only problem I have today is finding somewhere open for breakfast on New Year’s Day. Oh the stress we have to endure of man made close downs.😏

Currently exploring West coast glacier territory and find they have been retreating since pre European arrival. So much man made climate change.