I seem to have posed various versions of this question many times over the years most recently immediately before COVID; but as we use Office365 (and thus modern versions of desktop Office) the question returns once in a while.

So, did anyone rewrite CMDExcel for Office 16?

We are getting spreadsheets with 2-digit years, which even when converted in Excel to 4 digit and then read into a Dataflex Date Variable show up as 'invalid date'.

 Get cell of oExcel91 iRowNo 1 to dTrxDate
picks up a date of '07/1/19' or '07/1/2019' as 02/04/34505 using code extracted for Excel12.

Doing it to a string picks up 43647

I'm sure this worked in the past, so the only thing I can see being changeable would be my installed Excel.