Hi All,

I am struggling with a conversion to a single SQL database multi tenancy model. I've gone through Harm's video but I am getting hung up (I believe) on the now manual table relates. It makes sense to remove the hard table relationships because they are now multi-field keys which include the tenant id. I'm using the global SQL Filters on the tables to limit to the one tenant id. All appeared to be working well but now I'm having trouble with the Find of DDOs not finding what appear to be exact matches.

Before I get into any specifics of the problem I think I should hit the books some more. I'm using the Relate_Main_File and Attach_Main_File to manually relate the tables based on what I've seen in the DF docs but something's still off.

Does anyone have a template, pattern or best practice they follow on manual relates in DDOs they could share so I can rule out something obvious?

This is DF 19.1, MS SQL and Mertech.

/Chris K.