I am working on decrypting a string from a PHP OpenSSL implementation using AES GCM.

In working to decrypt it, it seems that there is some glue missing between cSecureSymmetricKeyEncryptionMethod.pkg:
Function NewDecryptor UChar[] ucaIV Returns Handle
In comparison to cCngAuthenticatedEncryption_Impl.pkg

Function NewDecryptor UChar[] ucaNonce UChar[] ucaAuthTag UChar[] ucaAAD Returns Handle
In the process, I am getting an error message:

Required message argument missing

Error: 57

GET_NEWDECRYPTOR (18237) - oObject (838) - at address 209176
GET_NEWDECRYPTOR (18237) - hoMethod (837) - at address 205884
MSG_ONCLICK (4641) - oDecrypt (766) - at address 209323
MSG_COMMAND (648) - oDecrypt (766) - in native code
[start] - at address 221370
Was this deliberatly left out of cSecureSymmetricKeyEncryptionMethod.pkg, or is this an oversight?