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Thread: Microsoft Defender SmartScreen lock on Beta 2 download

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    Thanks for the tip.
    In my case, the trouble starts already on clicking the download link.. no certificate has been checked at that time.
    Then again on saving as, then again on trying to load the installer, then again on actually running the installer for the first time.

    While the EV cert route might take away two of those warnings, that still leaves another two "can harm your device" warnings.
    For the moment I don't have a budget for another more expensive cert (which as you can read in the article you linked is best bought for multiple years)

    edit: I was wrong, the warnings do not appear until after the file is downloaded.
    Still not reinvesting in yet another cert (just bought it for 3 years about a year ago).
    The EV cert prices are a bit high for being able to sell some tools that are 35 bucks and less.
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