Hi All,

I'm using MySQL-server 8.0 - in stead of the MSSQL - now for half a year. Works perfectly and fast. Going to stick with it.
In DF19.1 i'm using the MySQL 32-bit 8.0 ANSI driver. This is recommended.

I'm testing DF20 and converting one of our apps. Ran into a architecture compatibilty issue but that was solve quickly.

I have two questions:
- Which driver should i use with DF20? The 64-bit ansi driver or the unicode driver. Future webapps should have the ability to go global.
- What are the effects on the current data when switching from DF19 (ansi) to DF20 (UNICODE)? Is conversion of data needed? Is there a way of using DF19 and DF20 simultaniously (DF20 is still in beta and not production). Any transition suggestions?