Hi all,

I've been having an issue with a cWebList in VDF 19.1.
I've manually loaded 29 records and can confirm all 29 gets loaded with DataSetAppendRow.

Now when I check the list, it shows only 21 out of 29 record without a scroll bar enabled.
When I inspect the elements it does show all 29, only 22-29 dissappears below the grid.

I've been trying all kinds of property settings and trying different CSS classes to see if anything changed, to no result.

My list currently has the following properties set:
Set pbFillHeight to True
Set psCSSClass to "MobileList"
Set pbColumnsResizable to False
Set pbShowSelected to False
Set pbColumnSortable to False
Set piOrdering to 0
Set pbDataAware to False

I'd like to avoid setting a fixed height so that the browser scrollbar can be used, preferably I want the cWeblist scrollbar to work.

Anybody that might have any idea what causes this and / or how this could be fixed?