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    Hi Harm

    That will do what I want, thank you. We'll see what problems and browser compatibility issues I find in testing now.

    This is what I came up with, much simpler than playing with the CSS.

        // OnResizeWindow:
        Set pbServerOnResizeWindow To True
        Procedure OnResizeWindow Integer iWindowWidth Integer iWindowHeight
            Integer iMode iWidth iHeight
            WebGet peMode Of ghoWebApp To iMode
            If (iMode = rmDesktop) Begin
                Get piWidth To iWidth
                Get piHeight To iHeight
                WebSet piWidth To iWidth
                WebSet piHeight To iHeight
                WebSet piLeft To (Integer((iWindowWidth - iWidth) / 2) - 20)
                WebSet piTop To (Integer((iWindowHeight - iHeight) / 2) - 30)
            Else Begin
                WebSet piTop To 0
                WebSet piLeft To 0
                WebSet piWidth To (iWindowWidth - 35)
                WebSet piHeight To (iWindowHeight - 75)
        End_Procedure // OnResizeWindow
    So on the desktop the dialog will display as normal, whilst on mobile and tablet it displays as fullscreen.

    This is done using the desktop framework not drill down.
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