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that's what's crazy Vincent. Alt-169 gives me ⌐ both in Studio and here
I'm obviously missing something big
Depending on which VM I use down here I see either what Vincent sees or what Jim sees.
eg. a VM with dutch regional settings gives me the registered symbol, and one with the US regional settings gives me the drawing character.

What is different?
It is the active Code Page that is being used.

As Vincent says, he has OEM Code Page 850 whereas you probably have OEM Code Page 437.
Looking at that same web site that Vincent linked it is here: https://www.ascii-codes.com/
I'm not seeing a registered symbol in that code page....

How can you see what code page you have?
In a command window, run command "chcp"

Now as you might remember, with our limited code page fun on DataFlex versions before unicode, there is always another code page loaded as well.

That's the ANSI code page.
The ANSI code page actually seems to contain a registered character.

Look for character 174.

If you need to display this character in a DataFlex control then you can set property OEM_Translate_State to off and it should work.
Otherwise.. well... you might have a problem.

This is one of those stories where unicode can make your life easier.