One of my users complains that they cannot edit a selected record with the mouse. If I try the same thing all works as I expect for the field where my user has this problem, strangely enough this same behavior is seen at a field where this user does not have this problem. On my machine I can replicate the problem in the order entry example. I open the order entry view and select a order, tab to the next field, grab my mouse and go back to the order number form to try and put the cursor somewhere in between the digits of the order number (between the 1 and 0 of order number 101). The expected behavior is for me that the cursor is situated in between these 2 digits, but what happens is that the complete order number is selected and I cannot position the cursor anywhere in this field, it keeps completely selected no matter what I do. For me this also happens with the order date and salesperson Id, the terms and ship via work like I would like to.

Is it possible to change this? This is in Dataflex 19.1


Leon Raafs