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Thread: Diacritic insensitive search on cWebSuggestionForm

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    Default Diacritic insensitive search on cWebSuggestionForm

    Hello, I'm making some quality of life improvements on a web application. This is one of those things I would like to improve as it has been requested by some users. We are using cWebSuggestion forms to let users find a record quickly without navigation keys or lookups. However, by default, the cWebSuggestionForm control doesn't have a pbDiacriticInsensitive or similar property. That means, when looking for a record with a special diacritic character (like á, é, í, ó, ä, ë, ñ, ê, è,...), the exact character must be typed. That annoys users as they don't get the "full result set". I have made a custom implementation on the cWebSuggestionForm subclass so that applications with SQL databases ignore that. It does work, but it is not perfect (it won't highlight with bold font the matching characters and that kind of stuff). I need to implement it for incremental searches and DataFlex embbeded databases too. It isn't hard but it is time consuming.
    As this is something fairly common, I was wondering whether it is addressed in DF20 or perhaps somebody has already implemented it.
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