I have one client that uses Pervasive v8.6, I inherited the system from an older developer. I'm looking to tidy up the code and start doing some upgrades, but I'm not ready to do a full migration from 16.1 to 20 yet.

My problem today is that I can't load the Pervasive drivers in 16.1,17.1,18.2, or 19.0. on my Win 10 Laptop (got long update yesterday. [Version 10.0.19041.572]

19.1 will quite happily load the pervasive drivers, BUT I really want it to work in 16.1 so I can test the basic changes before worrying about upgrading all the clients.

with all the history out there, SHOULD I be able to run VDF16.1 and load the Pervasive drivers? Did windows screw this up?