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Thread: Is there any version that can run on 64bit?

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    Default Re: Is there any version that can run on 64bit?

    Hi Janne,

    If you install the 32-bit libraries on a multilib capable machine, DF3.2 apparently runs correctly. Just a web search for Linux (or whatever other specific os) 32-bit on x86_64. You'll end up installing the glibc.i686, libgcc.i686 and libstdc++.i686. There may be some other libraries you need. My C/C++ development machines have a lot of other 686 libs but I think a lot of that is for Android Studio.

    I haven't done any massive testing but it should work correctly under multilib. If dfsetup will create the .dfr file and the runtime launches, you should be good to go. IIRC, the runtime didn't use anything from the the OS other than the standard libs. I have ncurses installed, but that may be for one of my other environments.

    Edit: Silly me. I had just searched Linux on the forums. The Win32 console mode runtime and compiler work on Win10.

    Best regards,
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