Hi Janne,

Nice to meet.

I think, that I am the last remnant using Winprint, due to the graphic resources, that work until today in the DF20 32 bits.

In 64 it seems that DAW will not convert and much less improve.

DR needs to evolve a bit, to achieve the same achievements.

Sorry if I'm not talking to the person, I think:

HTML Code:
// $File name  : DF_PRINT.PKG                                                 //// $File title : WinPrint for DataFlex 3.05 and 4.x                           //// Notice      : Copyright (c) ADB-UTVECKLING AB 1996-1997, Sweden            //// $Author     : Janne Wassberg                                               //// $System     : WinPrint                                                     //// Created     : 96-01-30 @ 17.27.59                                          //// $Last Rev   : 97-01-11 @ 12.00.00                                          //
Is there more than one Janne Wassberg ADB-UTVECKLING AB in the world?


Edgard Luis Paneque