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    The situation is that I'm trying to work the issue out for a customer, but am doing so initially from my own office set up.

    There I connect to the local printer via its local IP address.

    I've checked the box in the RDC connection to say to share local Printers. The printer is visible in my local "Devices and Printers" and I can print to it with no problems. It is set to be shared with the name "DellLaser". However it just doesn't show up in the remote "Devices and Printers". Trying to add a Printer finds nothing. Trying to add it manually using \\tsclient\DellLaser or \\tsclient\ just gets me "Windows couldn't connect to the printer"

    What am I missing?

    OK, think I just cracked it. I used "Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings" and seemingly correctly guessed at TS001 ({MyLocalComputerName}, PRN8#2) based on the fact that it was third (with a count starting at 0) in my local list of printers. After the usual faffing about persuading it to use A4 rather than US Letter, I got a Printer Test page out!

    Thanks for bearing with me.

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