Hi All,

I have a problem with the OnClick event not getting fired for a cWebHtmlBox if the object is placed on the WebApp.src, they do work ok when they are on a .wo insice a cWebView. Is that by design? or could it be fix?

This is the code I am using:
Use AllWebAppClasses.pkg
Use cWebMenuItemLoadView.pkg

Object oApplication is a cApplication

Object oWebApp is a cWebApp
    Set psTheme to "Df_Material"
    Set peApplicationStateMode to asmHistoryAndUrls
    Set psEncryptPassword to "<(PQN@B9F/Q#f7/G{MI>#n7.i"

    Object oWebTopPanel is a cWebPanel
        Set piColumnCount to 24
        Set peRegion to prTop
        Set piHeight to 0
        // - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
        // Main Panel's Responsive Rules
        // - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
        WebSetResponsive piColumnCount rmMobile to 2
        WebSetResponsive piColumnCount rmTabletPortrait to 16
        Object oTiles_grp is a cWebGroup
            Set piColumnSpan to 24
            Set pbShowBorder to False
            Set pbShowCaption to False
            Set piColumnCount to 16
            Set psCSSClass to "TilesGroup"
            Object oTile4 is a cWebHtmlBox
                Set pbServerOnClick to True  <<-- pbServerOnClick SET TO TRUE
                Set piColumnSpan to 2
                Set piColumnIndex to 6
                Set psCSSClass to "Tile DarkAlternate"
                Set psHtml to '<div class="WebCon_Sizer" data-ServerOnClick="openview"><div Class="Tile_Title">Tile 4</div><div class="Tile_Subtitle"></div></div>'
                Procedure OnLoad
                    Send UpdateHTML ('<div class="WebCon_Sizer">' + ;
                                     '<div class="Tile_Title">' - htmlEncode("45") - '</div>' +;
                                     '<div class="Tile_Title">Open Approvals</div>' +;
                WebRegisterPath ntNavigateForwardCustom oOpenApprovals
                Procedure OnClick String sId String sParam   <<-- NEVER GETS FIRED
                    Send NavigatePath

    Use SessionManager.wo
    Use LoginDialog.wo
    Use WebResourceManager.wo
    Use OpenApprovals.wo

Send StartWebApp of oWebApp