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Thread: ERROR 74 on New Mobile project (beta 1)

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    Default ERROR 74 on New Mobile project (beta 1)

    Hi, I get file entry does not exist on the "Open WebAppSession" line of the cWebAppSessionDataDictionary.dd file Maybe I should be following different steps, but...

    This are the steps I took:
       1. Created a new workspace and pointed the DDSrc and Data paths to an existing project 
       2. The WebAppSession already exists on the "old" project 
       3. WebAppSession is a SQL table 
       4. I don't use connection ids. I use int files 
       5. I created a Web Mobile project (material) 
       6. The first line includes "Use AllWebAppClasses.pkg" which in turns uses the cWebAppSessionDataDictionary.dd before the workspace is open and the file list set for the project.

    Thank you,Oscar
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