I have a FTP folder with over 120.000 files. Using FileZilla it tooks time to list this folder.

Using DirectoryList of cFTPTransfer it doesn't do anything after 20 - 30 seconds (it doesn't enter on event OnDirectoryList), it goes to the next line of code.
If I take a look at LastErrorCode it is empty (I would expect code 408 - Request Timeout).

I have downloaded and deleted some files using FileZilla. Now there is only 20.000 files. Now it works fine DirectoryList.

I suspect it is something due to timeout. I have done some research and it seems that FTP timeout can't be changed.
I have tried with peTransferFlags to iKeepConnection, without luck.

I am aware of Chilkat, but this system is not using Chilkat.

Any idea?