Hi All

Follow a simple cWebForm sub-class that provides a CAPSLOCK warning on password forms.

Click image for larger version. 

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I am not an expert on WAF and neither on javascript.. So, if anyone more skilled than I finds a better way of doing/implement it.. would be glad to hear.

So, far it has worked fine.

In any case you find an issue.. just let me know..

It sets pbPassword to true by default.
Also, has a new web-property psCapsWarningText to let you customize the warning message to be shown.

If this property is set to blank, the warning is disabled.

As it uses showControlError method, it needs an error number to be passed to the internal error controller. So, just to avoid any possible error number conflict in your system, there is also another property where you can change that to a non-used error number.


Extract the files in your lib or workspace.. and edit your index.html to add it

    <!-- DataFlex Custom Controls (do not remove this line, used for automatic insertion) -->
    <script src="SubClasses/WebPasswordForm.js"></script>