I've got a 19.0 dbview that contains a DD structure and a cCjGrid that I'm populating from the DDs and SQL. The users manually enter an invoice number and all is populated from that. All works great except for one thing that's annoying the users.

But before I get to that, be aware that I'm calling the view as a modal_popup so it's not a deferred view.

Customer requirement once the view is populated:
1. If they "kill" the view, bringing it back up should clear the view - they don't want to see the previous data

2. But if they temporarily shift the focus to another view or report and then go back to this view, the data must not clear.

I've tried working with procedures Entering_Scope, which fires every time you shift the focus off of the view and come back, and Activating, which only fires when the view is initially brought up but I can't get to a point where killing the view clears the data. When popping the view up, the DD always refinds the data no matter what I try, even sending clear to the DD. I've tried setting auto_fill_state to false, awr DD_AutoFind to false and even sent ClearAllRememberedDefaults but no joy.

The only way I could get this to work was to set a property in Activating that inhibited the finding mechanism but I absolutely hate doing that. What am I missing? Maybe destroy the object? Dynamite?