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Thread: DF 19.1 - No errors are reported on App event log when timeout happens ?

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    Default DF 19.1 - No errors are reported on App event log when timeout happens ?

    O I am trying to capture the possible web timeout errors. Why ? Because I don't want to be totally in the dark, when they happen for real.

    I am talking about the 3 timeouts we have on WAS Options.
    * Message Timeout: 20s
    * Transaction Timetout: 120s
    * Termination Timeout: 0.5s

    Was expecting to have some kind of (useful) information on WebApp event log.. but nothing is logged.

    I created a simple button that sleeps for 130s on purpose, hoping that this would trigger the "Transaction Timeout" error.
            Object oWebButton2 is a cWebButton
                Set piColumnSpan to 0
                Set psCaption to "Locked without dialog"
                Procedure OnClick
                    Send LogEvent 1 "Lock button clicked"
                    Sleep 130
    After 2 minutes, I really got an error on browser:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WAF_Timeouts_1.PNG 
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    But nothing is logged on Webapp.log on WAS, besides my own logEvent. (I just did it, to make sure the log file was not corrupted)
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WAF_Timeouts_2.PNG 
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ID:	13988

    Per current documentation, I was hoping to get the error 202 logged on windows event viewer, but instead.. I get errors 203 and 201 instead, in that order.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WAF_Timeouts_3.PNG 
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ID:	13989

    per doc, error 203 is 20s and should happen when the pooled process was not able to receive the message being sent by the server. But this was not the case here.

    Besides the misleading about the docs and what is currently happening (being logged), I cant find any useful information that would help us to troubleshoot it.

    No Call stack provided, (was hoping this important piece to be provided in the WebApp.log) .
    Not even what was the request that was being processed! For sure the WAS has it,, as this is somehow passed to the child pooled process to handle the request.. So some sort of request context should also be provided in all of those errors in the logs.
    Something like .
    Request: oWebApp.oDemoDialogs.oWebMainPanel.oWebButton2.OnClick

    At least we would have some sort of starting point.
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