Hi Friends

I'm learning CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) especially on using application.css
however I'm having trouble implementing it in my web application.

I learned from WebOrder example (democolumntypes.wo)

Following the example I got from democolumntypes.wo

Can my friends help me find the cause of not working with application.css?

Where is the error so that my application does not react.

Thanks for the help.

Best regard

PS: Below is an example of the application.css command in the WebOrder and Democolumntypes.wo examples, and an explanation of the application.css function

The application.css is by default empty and is meant to contain application specific styles that style specificinstances of a control. So where theme.css would make all buttons blue the application.css would for example make this single red button green."

/* WebList - .DemoCol..
The DemoColLow, DemoColMedium and DemoColHigh CSS classes are applied to individual cells of the
balance column in the DemoColumnTypes view. This shows how to apply dynamic styling based on the
data in the list.
#OWEBAPP .DemoColumnBalance.DemoColLow{
background-color: red;

#OWEBAPP .DemoColumnBalance.DemoColMedium{
background-color: orange;

#OWEBAPP .DemoColumnBalance.DemoColHigh{
background-color: green;

/* WebList - .DemoColumnCity
This demo shows how to style an individual column. This classname is applied to the City column
of the DemoColumnTypes view.
#OWEBAPP .DemoColumnCity{
font-weight: bold;