Thank you Samuel for your answer,

  • I have matching indexes that connect the 3 tables with each other via IDs.
    Because I abstracted the example, I did not enumerate all indexes. This can not be the problem.
  • Yes. I have inserted the SQL-View as a table in my environment. And corresponding indexes (client-side) were created. This is the only way I can browse in my Dataflex-View and jump to the corresponding columns in my selection list.

Originally I also thought that the problem had to do with the client-only indexes. These are always rebuilt when they are used. And this can take a while with first names, surnames.

But there are 3 reasons against this assumption.
  1. if I remove Table 2, the name-first name-index is created very fast.
    So Client-Side Index should not be a problem.
  2. I have already saved the view in the way, that I could create server indexes.
    This did not solve the problem either
  3. When I create a Dataflex report, there are no problems in determining and sorting the data records.

As far as I know, the Management Studio and Dataflex Reports use a different database driver (ODBC) than Dataflex programs.
(The Dataflex Database Explorer even crashes when I call this view)

I suspect the problem is that the Dataflex driver cannot handle 3 table views properly.

But I would like to be wrong and would be happy if you (or anyone) could show a view definition that works fine.