Again, thanks to Mike Peat for providing RESTTest.vw in his blog posting "Consuming RESTful Services in Dataflex"
I have turned it in to a class that is used in my RESTTestClass.vw and more importantly my Windows modules that call REST Webservices.
From it I can call jsonplaceholder, the Dataflex WebOrder REST Webservice, two WebServices I have written, both GET and POST.
All is good.
Except .....

Both RESTTest.vw and RESTTestClass.vw have the following issue.
They get an http response status 400 return from calling a ColdFusion REST webservice
The browser calls it ok

This works in the browser:

This produces an http response status 400
Port: 80
Path: restapi/index.cfm/import2000/event/4614304
Verb: GET

Any ideas what my problem might be?