Hi all

What am I doing wrong? I want to hide a cwebForm according to the value of another field.

I have tried with pbVisible and pbRender

Thanks for the tips

        Object oCedulasn_Clase is a cWebCombo
            Entry_Item Cedulasn.Clase
            Set piColumnSpan to 7
            Set psLabel to "Clase:"
            Set piLabelOffset to 50   
           Procedure Refresh Integer eMode
               Forward Send Refresh eMode
               Set pbrender of oCedulasn_Apellido1 to (Pos(Cedulasn.Clase,"00")>0)
               Set pbrender of oCedulasn_Apellido2 to (Pos(Cedulasn.Clase,"00"))
               Set pbVisible of oCedulasn_Nombre1 to (Pos(Cedulasn.Clase,"00"))
               Set pbVisible of oCedulasn_Nombre2 to (Pos(Cedulasn.Clase,"00"))
               Set pbVisible of oCedulasn_NombreCompleto to (Pos(Cedulasn.Clase,"00")=0)