I have taken a look to https://learning.dataaccess.com/courses/page-layers

In the three examples, you mention to remove the margins. Which should be my thinking process?:
  1. Ok, they are just examples, no hidden reasons to discover.
  2. Hmm, they say that because there are some kind of things behind that decision that should be known.

I ask because I am doing experiments with them and see the following.

I want to design a corporate page header to be reused across all reports.
So, I have created a page layer with no margins and inserted it on a report with margins. Result, page layer clipped.

Now, I have two options:
  • Leave the page layer without margins and place the image at position X, Y
  • Configure the page layer with standard margins, so I have a better idea of which is the best position to place the image.

Any way, it seems that I have to desing a page layer for vertical reports and other for horizontal reports in case I have "things" at the left and right side of the page layer and wanted them at the border of their respectively sides.

What would be great? Have some kind of anchors (think in a DF view that gets resized with anchors).
In this way I would put my logo at position 0,0 (anchored to left) and my adress at position... let's say... 14,1 (anchored to right). When inserted into a report, it would take care of margins and size of paper, adjusting to the available space.

Does it make sense?